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New to here and Smoking Meat

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Can someone tell the best meat to smoke for my first time and wood please and thanks
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Hi, can not believe members have left you hanging for this long!

Start off with cheaper cuts of meat, Chicken Thighs would be good.

Check this link, it has a lists of woods.
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Definitely go cheap. if you wanna do bird,  quarters are good or thighs. if you wanna do ribs,  i suggest beef back ribs. really cheap and takes a lot of smoke well. Shoot pulled pork isn't that difficult and you can get a good Boston butt 15-20 dollars. i would also suggest starting with a milder wood like fruit wood like apple and then start adding things like hickory or pecan to the mix and find what you like. experimentation is half the fun of this hobby. 


When starting don't worry about getting lots of wood in your smoker just a few chunks at a time and look for a thing blue smoke! 


for more tips and advice just ask!


happy smoking,

phatbac (Aaron)

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Chicken is always cheap and easy. I like to spatchcock a whole chicken. It cooks evenly and has great flavor. Plus you get both dark and white meat. Boston butt is very user friendly and will make some great pulled pork. Not expensive, usually around $1.50/#. Good luck and good smokin', Joe.
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