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What do you who went to electric from wood think? - Page 2

Poll Results: Electric? Wood?

  • 11% (1)
    Stay wood
  • 88% (8)
    Go electric
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For me,


I liked the smoke better. Seems to be a purer some flavor. Also immediately fell in love with set, forget it. I do not miss tending a wood smoker every hour and electricity is cheaper than charcoal. I had a barrel with side fire box.


I still like to grill with charcoal however, but for smoking, my Smoking-it #2 and #3 are the ticket, reliable, predicable, easy to clean and no ashes to get rid of.


My 2 cents worth.....

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I just got an MES 30 too and am wondering about the difference. Also, for those that use the MES 30, are there any issues with loading it up, say 2 shoulders and a brisket? Does it impact the time of the smoke? 

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Originally Posted by Rhaugle View Post

Hey guys,

Thanks everyone for the information. I'm planning on getting an electric, and keeping the Akorn also, for when I want to spend some time with the fire....

I've been looking at the Smokin-it #3 for a while, and now the new MES 40" BT smoker is on my research list. What do people think about these two? I had found the 46 page new MES forums, and read through about half of it so far. Doesnt seem like people have to many complaints, yet.

When you add the shipping to the unit cost, the Smokin-it #3 was out of my price range. We had a Smokin-it #2 at the Culinary School I taught at. It worked very well. For me, the price and the Digital Electronics with the added remote control and built in meat therm, made the MES40 a better choice. I don't believe the AMNPS works in the Smokin-it, not enough air. Check with the guy's that have them, the AMNTS Tube may work to expand the temp range the smokin-it will make smoke...JJ

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I agree with JimmyJ about the shipping cost. However, I went ahead and got a #2 almost 5 years ago. It has worked perfectly. It is analog with no mods. I found over time that the AMNPS wasn't needed, but that took some learning. Love it so much, I got a #3. Not long ago I smoked 48 lbs of ribs in it.

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Yes, shipping is high.  But it is very quick.  Buy once, cry once.  

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I have cooked on about every type of smoker out there, offset, drum, cabinet, propane, the list goes on and on. I have a buddy that builds some sweet drum smokers, that are extremely well regulated, yet I have 2 mes 30's. My best friend has the horizon, and it is a solid well built smoker. He prefers the babyback ribs i make on the mes. Is it a trade off? It depends. I sometimes put lump charcoal chunks in the chip tray, and load up the amnps. This provides me the best results as far as flavor profile. If time is an issue, the mes is a helluva good smoker for set and forget (mostly) cooking.

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