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Welcome Becki



     This is the right site for all the BBQ & Smoking questions you want answers to.

The first piece of advice I used was using a 8" cast iron skillet to place my wood chips in instead of the funny little pan that came with the smoker.

With the slots in the pan I don't see how it would even keep the chips where they belong. This skillet works great!

      When I read about the mop sauce you want to try on your next batch of chicken wings two things happened.

First my mouth started to water, because that sauce sounds sooo good and second I have to ask you. How do you smoke your chicken wings?

I have not come across any simple instructions in regards to smoking chicken wings. Is it best to smoke them whole? Or Can I smoke them after cutting

the tips off and cut at the joint to make the drummets and wings ?  Also would it be worth it to brine the wings ?

        Chicken wings might be my next smoke.      Happy Smoking!



                                                                                                                                Smoking Sid    

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 I've only smoked them whole due to my worries of drying out and falling through the grills. Plus I like the bits of skin one the wingtips.

 I wish I had a decent smoker now as I have two packs of wings brineing away in the fridge. I'm brineing them with a baking powder and salt solution with red pepper flakes and Cajun seasoning. Going to let them soak till tomorrow and then dry them out overnight for Saturday for frying. YUM!!

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Hi everyone! Thanks Sid for the welcome. Like Zoe I smoke them whole. I've been buying only the fresh wings and not the large frozen bag as the frozen seem to be really large and quite fatty. . Not sure why that is, but I prefer the fresh. Thanks for the tip on using the cast iron skillet, I'll give it a try this weekend. I haven't brined the wings, they seem small and I didn't see the need but now I'll give it a try. :) last week the store had all roasts 50% off week so I picked up a nice looking "boneless eye of round". Has anyone tried smoking one of these? I'd like to put it on this weekend as well.

Have a great day!
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the full idea of crispy wing:(this will take a few days to do so plan it out)

1. whole or cut doesn't matter but they need to be clean and rinsed.

2. brine in a mixture of baking powder (no baking soda it tastes bad) and salt and dry spices (also soy is really good add too) overnight minimum.

3. drain, rinse, use a salt & baking powder based rub and lay out on a rack on a cookie sheet. place uncovered in the fridge overnight.

(with the use of a brine you don't need as much baking powder for the rub)

4. now bake, smoke or fry those wings and you should get a nice bubbly crisp skin.

5. sauce to taste and there you go!

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Hey Everyone!

I'm trying to learn how to use the smoker that was my husbands. I found this site and joined a few weeks ago but had no idea about "Groups" until just now. Thanks for this! I'm glad there are other ladies who are interested in this as well. What a fun (and delicious) hobby!


Take care :)


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Welcome to the board, KC! The ladies have their own group, but they don't get hassled out on the main boards. (OTOH here I am as a man trolling the womens group, for the purpose of being able to reply to messages like this one posted within that group.)


So, settle in and explore!  This board has very little dispute among men/women, or any racial or religious differences.


Use the Search function to look up your model of smoker and see how people will use them.


And, post pics, or we will tease you.

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Haha! Okay, and thanks for the welcome! :)

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Hello ladies,  I just found this site and joined today then discovered this group for us ladies (and the gentlemen that like to play nice with the ladies!:icon_wink:  ).  Love it!

I am the chef, BBQ'er and smoker in our home, not my hubby (his cooking and BBQ skills are very limited).  It's great to see there are so many other ladies that enjoy creating tasty food in their BBQ and smoker.


BC Girl :canada-flag-68: 

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Hi and welcome! So much good information on this site!! Enjoy :)

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Welcome Aboard  BC Girl!!!!!


  This is the place to be.I am getting ready to smoke some Baby Back ribs for a family gathering coming up soon.

For my Dad's Celebration of Life.

Hope you are staying cool. It's 107 degrees at my house.                                         Happy Smokin!

                                                                                                                              Smokin Sid

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Hello Ladies!


So glad to see this group is active.  I've been a member of the site for about 2 years and learned so much from it.  My first smoker was an ECB and that's what made me search the net on how to use it and this Forum popped up.  I now have a Master Forge bullet and a Dyna Glo vertical charcoal/wood offset.  I did my own modifications on both and I and my family love the food that comes from them.  I plan on being a frequent visitor to this group.

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Welcome smokin GMA


   You found one of the nicest forums. There is endless bits of information and very nice people willing to share.


                                                                                                                Happy Smokin

                                                                                                                   Smokin Sid

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Been a busy girl as of late, but welcome to our forum :)
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Hi all, glad to find a place with women who run the smokers too :) I have two smokers right now a Masterbuilt 30" electric that I LOVE and a homemade offset smoker that we got second hand that is super fun to use but has issues that we don't like about it. So to remedy that I am making plans for a reverse flow from a 500 gal tank that my son is going to build in shop this year (he is a senior so he has afternoons free).

Has anyone done any smoking contests? We did 2 small local contests. One had 10 entries and one had 14.

Anyway glad to have found you all

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Back in the day there was a yahoo group named BAM and the membership seemed to be about 80% female. I liked being there because the discussions felt like sitting around the kitchen table and chatting. I'd rather do that than sit with the guys and yell at some sports event on the TV. The kitchen is where things get done.


I don't understand the attitude held by most men which says cooking is exclusively a woman's job. This board is an exception where plenty of guys like to cook, develop recipes, etc. The only thing I can think of that women might not be able to do is to swing an axe or maul to split wood. Or, they can shake out a bag of pellets.



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