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We all love a good brisket. (If you don't, then we can't be friends). I happened to have one sitting in my freezer begging to be smoked. Just a nicely butchered brisket. Just shy of 6lbs. It's all seasoned up and resting in the fridge right now. It will go into my propane smoker tomorrow morning for about 9 hours of smokey goodness.

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Who doesn't love brisket?  Have a good smoke

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Wow...that's really red. What kind of seasonings did you use?
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Haha, it's wrapped in holiday Saran Wrap. Maybe this will help.

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It's got a little bit of applery? Hickapple? Smoke flowing on it right now. I left out a lot of the 'kick' this time because my mom is in town, and she doesn't do spicy.
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Coming along nicely.
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Looking good to this point.


Keep smokin.

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The moment you've all been waiting for!!!!!!

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Looks wonderful, makes me hungry just seeing it!

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