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Stuffed pork loin

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I was bored today and couldn't decide what to cook. So, after much pondering and looking over my notes from the last couple of years, I decided upon a stuffed pork loin. These are always good, and they smell great!

First, I did a terrible job of "butter flying" the loin

Then I added a layer of prosciutto ham to the top of the loin

Added cream cheese on top of the prosciutto, then pimientos, and black olives

Went to the herb garden and picked some fresh rosemary and basil. Chopped them up really well and put them all over the other goodies.

Rolled it up and tied it off

Chopped up more rosemary and basil, then added the herbs, some tarragon, kosher salt, and fresh cracked pepper to some EVOO. Then brushed it all over the loin.

Now, gonna rest it in the frig for a bit and then into the smoker.
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Oh yeah, that's looking good.  I'll be watching this one.  I love rosemary and basil (and crushed garlic) on loin.





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Well, she hit 155 IT and I pulled her off the pit! Resting now and will slice later. This smells amazing!

But, here's a teaser shot!
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All sliced up and ready to eat!

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That's one nice looking loin.    Good Job!!

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Boy that looks good!!

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CB I am drooling,sorry I almost missed this one.




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Thanks all!


There are a LOT of things one could add to this stuffed loin, but I just went with the basics for this one.


This loin was really good the way I did it, but the wife one upped me last night.  


She said that next time I do one, I need to make it from a loin that I've cure in Pop's brine!  So, be looking for that one in the next few months.

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Well done!  This looks great.

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