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Roll call

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Let me do the prerequisite first post and introduce myself. I'm a typical red blooded American that loves to cook good food, bbq/grill, smoke meats and cheeses, drink beer and ride my hog if I'm not cooking one. I got my first smoker last Christmas a Masterbuilt 40 with all the accessories and love it. I try to use it at least twice a month and have received rave reviews. Previously I used a small wood chip box in my BBQ to try and get some smokey results with little success. It added "some" flavor but not good enough. My favorite piece of meat to work with are St.Louis style ribs. Failed miserably at trying a picnic shoulder once and ended up ordering pizza for 12 people,lol.. I did get a 1/2 way decent pulled pork one time and need to reattempt it again after reading alot on here. I was given Jeff's book Smoking Meats with my MES40 last Christmas and have read it several times. Referencing it often. I hope to hone my skills here as an amateur backyard smoker. So Hi guys and take it easy on the rook :)
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Welcome from the coast of South Carolina from a fellow MES 40" user. You'll find a ton of great info on here for the MES.

Smell Smoke
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