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Another Prime brisket

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I picked up a 13 pound Prime brisket at Costco for $3.39/pound. Started by burning pecan logs down to coals, seasoned with kosher salt & course black pepper that I cracked with a mortar and pestle & sifted out the dust using a strainer. Threw it on the pit at 250 a little over 2 hours ago & hope to have it done around 4pm CDT so it can rest for an hour before an early family dinner. We're sitting at 113 IT right now. ed521681541306d0d3ae600036553ed5.jpgf82c7f21f943b5796f97f47a0a10a6fd.jpg
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Almost 3 hours in and the IT is 126. This pic made me notice that the salt is uneven, so I added some to the unsalted areas. fb1e2b62354a78c0b6a8dc7a4afb886a.jpg
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4.5 hours in
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6 hours in5764ab7a9591cc136db6c5f9d4874255.jpg
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Looks great so far! Great price for prime:drool:
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Nice looking brisket to this point.

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We're supposed to have a Costco opening here in Tulsa later this fall. If you guys are getting prime packer trimmed briskets for$4/lb at Costco, then it is definitely worth the membership price.
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10 hours inc239ee9406d3f5e1b67689904b6fd164.jpg
12 hours in

14 hours in at 185 f62c004a57cbbd38ce472c94b0fc901a.jpg
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And after 15 hours she's ready for a nap & so am I. c668a6716007301fb09a8cc5b251c706.jpg
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Excellent rub, nice job on that brisquet!!  Nice find on that Costco Brisquet.


Excellent job!


Prime Brisquet!


Great Pit!


Perfect Rub!


BY GWAD! I think he's got it!


You are making me guess...... white oak w/ mesquite?

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Royal Oak lump & pecan logs. It was quite tasty. Love that smoke ring. 6158ae67a77fd1cf585dc9ac55bd785a.jpg982d1f046080843151f407bd60f0754a.jpg5b48df5575aaf293ed359cb2edac4318.jpg
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Very nice Brisket.................Thumbs Up





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Looks good!

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Nicely Done.   :points:



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Nice! Notice a big difference from the regular beef from the grocery store?
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Nice , points to you ! I love seeing agood Brisket .

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Look fantastic.  Did you foil at all or just cook through?

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