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New RF trailer build

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Getting ready to start a new RF trailer pit. This will be our first shot at a RF design so looking for feedback on the set up. It will be a hybrid type design with the RF plate fabricated in sections that can be removed so the pit can be used like a typical offset with tuning plates. Cook chamber will be 24" diameter 1/4" wall pipe. Firebox and RF plates will be 1/4". Any feedback is welcome. I will post more pics as we get the fab started.
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Aha... A fellow Sketchup user! smile.gif

What did you use to get the expanded metal grates in your model?
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My BIL is the sketch up artist. I'll ask about the grates.
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Nobody has any feedback on our design? I know our calcs are off a little bit because we stretched the CC to 6'8" from our originally planned 6'. That will be fixed before we start cutting. Looking for any critism or ideas before we start welding.
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my questions would be.. why do you want to change from RF to conv. ? from your sketch's it looks as if the hole from FB to CC is towards the top of the FB ?? Also the air vents in the FB.. I don't believe you need that many at the top....
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The pit is a collaborative effort by a group and not everyone has bought into the reverse flow concept so we're making a compromise in making it convertible. Not my favorite idea but I think it will work OK as long as the plates seal well in RF set up. My thoughts are the plates will be about 12" wide with a "lip" maybe 1" wide welded on one side so they overlap. Not exactly sure what you're asking on the FB opening but yes it is at the top of the FB. There is a 1" lip around the opening to keep liquids from the CC from draining into the FB. I looked at my calcs again and I think you are right on intake. Can probably get away with 2 on top and 3 on bottom.
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my bad.. after looking at pics some more... I'm assuming the opening I'm looking at in the last picture is for the plenum ??
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Yes, looking at the plenum from the CC.
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Fab has started.

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Looks good so far.

You will need some way of bolting the plates down so they don't bounce around on the road.

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Starting to come together. Finishing touches and clean up on the pit then the trailer build starts. 

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Nice build!! What diameter exhaust you going to put on it?

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4" exhaust on both ends. We will be able to use it as a RF or a tuning plate set up. 

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Looks great like to know how that turns out. I had wanted to try that as well and got on here last year a lot of people on here had great arguments for sticking with a RF so I did. Would love to hear about the difference.

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Almost done. Going to burn it out this weekend and see how the temps work. Got a cook off coming up next week to be ready for.
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Trans, did you or are you building the trailer start to finish? I am converting a 20' boat trailer thinking of a similar idea as what you have. Just curious.....

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Trailer was built from scratch. I was going to use a 12' utility trailer that I already had but the additional work to brace it up for the weight and top made it easier to just build a new one.
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It look awesome!  I don't know if I will get that extravagant with mine but I definitely want a top on it...What size material did you used for the braces on the floor? I am stuck on what to use to make sure it is sturdy enough.

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