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Spare Ribs 8/14

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I purchased spare ribs last night. I did NOT trim the sternum. I put on Myron Mixon's Basic Barbeque Rub as explained in his book. I added wood every hour but the temp. was inconsistent between 200-300 F. I spritzed with apple juice hourly as well. I cooked for 5 hours.


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I don't see any meat pulled back from the bone, so i'm not sure but something doesn't look quite right ...of course it could just be my poor eyesight

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How were they?

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I liked them

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well you will have to pardon some of what I say , as I have less than1/2 of a normal persons eyesight


glad you enjoyed them !!!

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I didn't take any offense, Cal

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Steve, They look really good with good color. I hope they were tasty. Looks like a lot of meat on those bones. Joe
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Steve.  I was noticing all that meat on the ribs too--lot nicer than we can get.  Looks good



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They look really good from here! What kind of smoker are you using?
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