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Brisket - Breaking a cardinal rule?

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Ok. The newbie that I am (18 months), I do a brisket every other weekend because I am bound and determined to master that hunk of stubborn muscle if it frickin kills me.  My growing and recent success with brisket is do in large part to the insight I glean from this site. So, thank you all again for your insight and expertise.


The past two have been a 7 (after some negative stall probs) and a 9.5 with no probs on the rating scale, respectfully, according to my neighbors (one of whom is a Master Chef). Not bragging, just adding to the core of my question.  I am clearly still learning.


Both of the last two I have done I have "pounded", albeit somewhat lightly, after trimming and before marinating and injecting for 24 hours.  This weekend I am doing a 17 lb "choice" cut packer and it is my first choice cut vs. "select".  I am a slow and low guy ....


Any insight as to whether I do or don't "pound" this puppy?  Am I hurting the cut in any way? It's pretty damn lean it appears, and flops pretty well over my arm while still in the packaging.  Don't know much about the difference between select and choice. Choice may not need the extra tenderizing effort?


I plan to video this one start to finish and post .... input and insight appreciated.  Thank you!

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Don't pound it. Don't inject it. Just be nice to it. Rub it and smoke it low and slow. It'll be nice back to you.
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I don't pound them but do inject them

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I dont pound it... I do a good rub to it then cook it low and slow... Took me a few years to master it.. It's my standby now... My favorite cut of meat personally..

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New here, but what temp are you cooking when your cooking low & slow?
Have you ever thought about cooking a brisket at a higher temp 275 and see how it turns out?
I have pounded chicken before but never beef. Interested to see how your brisket turns out.
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Originally Posted by JCBigler View Post

Don't pound it. Don't inject it. Just be nice to it. Rub it and smoke it low and slow. It'll be nice back to you.


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All these brisket posts are giving me an itch.  Im going to do my first one next weekend. 

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My birthday is next week and I have a 9 pound packer in the freezer. It WILL be coming out soon. grilling_smilie.gif
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Originally Posted by mummel View Post

All these brisket posts are giving me an itch.  Im going to do my first one next weekend. 

Don't forget the Qview!


phatbac (Aaron)

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Ifc you are going Low/ Slow ,then just keep. Your fire (heat) close to 225*F . Have your mind made up that you're goin g to show up your Chef .

Season simply with Cracked Black Pepper and Salt . Pla e the meat on your grate , shutthe door and leave it shut until your probe says 180*F and

start the Toothpick test until you reach 200*F or the Tooth pick goes in like a hot knife through Butter ,

Have fun and .. .
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Thanks for all for your input.  We need to eat around 2pm CST Sunday so I am getting started at 9pm Saturday night.  I am cautiously optimistic about this one ... feels like it is going to be a good smoke. 


I will start posting Saturday night .... anyone game for an all nighter?  It will just be me and Captain Morgan as of now!


More to come ....

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I put my money on Capt Morgan winning the all nighter. :rolleyes:



Just make sure he can read a thermometer and keep the fire lit. :rotflmao:



Have fun!!!

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Ahoy .... yes, "The Caribbean Captain" has safely navigated me through many a storm over the years. Not only can he read quite well, but he can walk a VERY straight line, under pressure, while also being watched under a VERY bright light!!! :pepsi:


Now, that loco-Cuban Bacardi guy??? Man, I'm tellin' you man, by 2am he'd had be tinkin' I'm cookin' pulled pork or somethin' and we'd be mixin' up some funky sauce to put it in a tortilla for breakfast at 3am, man!! That's not good!!


For whatever reason me and the Bacardi guy have never gotten along very well ........ th_dunno-1[1].gif 

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Michael I'll be up all night tonight and online if you want to share some updates 

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I don't pound or inject, just a simple rub and low and slow. I also like to plan mine for at least a 2 hour rest wrapped with foil, surrounded by a couple towels and in a cooler.
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Hmm... maybe Capt. Morgan won! :icon_lol:

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I'll be posting the prep effort here in the next 15 minutes and will be to temp at 9pm CST.  Thanks!

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OK.  It's prep time ..... 26lbs total, untrimmed.  The Packer will be low and slow and the separate Point will be a guinea for fast and hot (325-350) as an experiment. Fortunately, I have the equipment to do it all at one time (see profile).  All equipment retrofitted to be able to smoke and grill.   Will also be doing beans and (my soon to be famous) grilled sweet corn in a light tarragon cream sauce).



Here's what we got thus far (hopefully pic explanations are clear).


All cuts now covered and in frig hopefully soaking up the rub and tenderizing a bit.. I am now off to mow yard, etc., and will be back, with "My Captain",  around 6pm CST.  Next step:  Finish prepping the beans which will be smoked in a cast iron dutch oven @ 250 for approximately 2 hours on a Kingsford Barrell using apple wood over charcoal.  Love good beans.  Will post recipe after I finish the prep tonight.


Input, insight and suggestions on the brisket much appreciated as I am looking to finally "nail" one.


Packer Grade

Labels for both cuts. 

Untrimmed fat cap




Packer split into flat and point - my vertical smoker can only handle 18.5" cuts so I split a packer

Lookin' like a good cut based on my limited knowledge

Trimmed and ready to initial rub and dry (removed 5 lbs fat overall). I am concerned about the flat.

All cuts oiled up, light T-dust (dried in frig for an hour) then dose of salt and pepper (back to frig)




All cuts now in frig with rub settling in.  Back around 6pm CST.  Thanks to all for insight and suggestions.

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Its 11pm CST, you got it on?

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Well, wish I could report something exciting but she is moving into a stall @ 151 after 2.5 hours.


The Captain has us on a steady course ..... :-)

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