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First smoked Chicken.

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Well did my first smoked Chicken hopefully it tastes as good as it looks! 18ab4023f1c73afb05c0101b47382f76.jpg

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Wow looks great. How did you prepare it?

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Yes , nice looking , however a narration of your method and proceedure .:
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Sry for not listing before...since I was crunched for time and wasnt planning on smoking yesterday I kinda just went for it out of the norm. I just out a rub on the birds and they went in the smoker at 235 for 4 1/2 hours the IT was right at 165 in the breast. I made a simple mopping liquid with my homemade bbq sauce by adding some apple cider vinegar and a half can light beer, I mopped the birds every 45 mins until done. I used a blend of 75 pecan 25 hickory for the smoke only added chips twice as I was getting good smoke most of the cooking time. Let it rest and cut, delicious!
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Looks great from here!  The color on the bird is really nice.

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Hey Tut.  That bird looks great.  Nice color.  Well done.



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