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Brisket still good?

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I have a brisket flat that has been in the deep freezer for almost a year.  Do you think this is worth defrosting and smoking?

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Yep. Solid cuts of beef like brisket are good for up a year in the freezer pretty easily. I've even had some roasts as long as 18 months that still tasted good.

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If it is sealed ABSOLUTELY still good. 

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Your options are to leave it in the freezer, throw it away, or thaw and use it. As others have said above, it should be just fine.

Once thawed, if by chance there are any freezer burnt spots you could trim those away.

Let us know how it is.

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Since frozen food is safe to eat virtually for ever I would say there is no point in just throwing it away. You already paid for it so you might as well smoke it and see what happens. 

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Cook it!  But, if it were me, I'd make corned beef out of it!  


It'll be fine either way as long as your freezer hasn't been down long enough for it to thaw and refreeze.

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