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How long is too long?

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I prepared a 10# brisket for smoking tomorrow but our company just called & told us they couldn't make it. How long will a brisket that has been rubbed with Jeff's Naked Rib Rub keep in the fridge. We are getting more company on Friday, so I was wondering if that was too long to keep it in the fridge so if I should just go ahead and smoke it as planned & reheat it on Friday?

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What was the pull date on the package?

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The pkg date was July 22, the sell by date was Aug 31. The brisket is from Cash and Carry.

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Personally, I would do the smoke, then reheat.

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Kinda what I thought, thanks AK1

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Yeah, I had 3lber I was planning on making jerky out of, in three days it was turning brown in the fridge. That lit a fire under my butt and it got smoked with a quickness!
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I would smoke it, pull it, and freeze it. They will store and reheat well.


Had the unopened, cryopacked meat been left intact, I wouldn't worry about it until a "use by" or "best by"



That does not apply in your case.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I regularly have Rubbed a Rib Eye or Striploin with Montreal Seasoning and let it dry age, uncovered, for 7 days. Porkbelly with a Salt, Sugar and spice rub 5 days all with zero issues. This is no different and holding to Friday, wrapped well and in the coldest spot in the refer, should be no problem at all. Sorry guys, but Brisket is not something I would reheat for Company. If you have the funds to buy more meat, go for it, lots of ways to use up 10lb of Frozen Brisket. But I see no issue holding out until Friday, probably Thursday night if going Low and Slow, with the Salt and Sugar in Jeff's Rub...JJ

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Decided to go ahead and smoke it today. It's on the UDS now & holding steady @ 200º smoker temp. Will take some pics of finished product :)

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