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light smoke vs heavy smoke

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there seems to be a consensus here on this forum that light smoke is somehow better than heavy smoke


but with that said , I have never had a problem regarding how heavy the smoke is

when I start my propane smoker , I load my wood chips/blocks and set it on high to get the smoke rolling

then back the burner down to low to keep it smoking and just let nature  take its course .

in 30-45 minutes the smoke will begin to thin  and I just continue cooking , then a few minutes before

taking the meat off , I will add a little more wood for a finishing smoke

never once have i ever encountered problems with the way the meat tasted

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There are as many ideas about smoke amounts as there are cooks...the beauty is that each cook does it the way it works best for him or her.

The main thing that most of us try to avoid where heavy smoke is concerned is creosote buildup on our food. Rolling, heavy white smoke can deposit this chemical on whatever food is in the smoker...creosote tastes bitter and leaves a foul, nasty aftertaste that most of us try to avoid.

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well the truth is that the finishing smoke that I mentioned , is more for my benefit than it is for the meat ( I just like the smell of the smoke )

 and its an old habit I picked up some 40 years ago . I don't think it does anything to the meat at that point

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