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MES mailbox mod flex hose

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Gathered up everything today to do the mailbox mod after my AMNPS went out on my last smoke. Got everything laid out and noticed I don't really need the flex hose for my setup unless it gives some advantage that I don't know abou . Anybody done the mailbox mod without the flex hose?
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It cools the smoke for cold smoking.... to keep temps at or near ambient.... like cheese or bacon...
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Like Dave said the longer hose allows the smoke to cool down more before entering the smoker. If you're hot smoking this is not an issue. At times depending on how hot it is outside your setup could still work for cold smoking too. The biggy is cheese which depending on the type starts to melt around 65-70 degrees. Butter melts at even a lower temp.
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Ok thanks guys. What about having the "exhaust" on the side? I've seen 1 post that said it needed to be out the back on the bottom but seems like the setup is pretty forgiving and most people figure out how their setup works best eventually.
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There is the possibility of smoke recirculating inside the mailbox.... recirculating smoke is low on oxygen... the pellets may not burn as effectively as if the system was designed as a "once thru" air flow system.... If you have trouble, that could be the problem....
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