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2 Pits running

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Had to break out the old UDS today to smoke for my company party.  9 Racks of Baby Backs, 20 lbs of chicken quarters and two fatties. The double barrel (ribs and eventually the fatties) is being controlled by me HeaterMeter pit control. The UDS (chicken) is being monitered by one of the probes from the HeaterMeter but has to be controlled manually. Check out the HeaterMeter web view at


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Hey gunkle


That heater meter looks interesting.  Does it work with an electric smoker like a MES?



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it will work as far as monitoring the temps of the pit and 3 meats probes. It doesn't control an electric smoker as is. I think I read a post were someone was trying to modify it but I don't know how it went. Here is the wiki page for it   on that page it has a link to the  forum for it as well if you want to read up on it. I'm very pleased with it so far.

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