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Smoke stuffed olives

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Got this idea from Mark at Cookin Pellets. But decided to use blue cheese stuffed and sun dried tomato stuffed olives.

Wasn't sure if blue cheese would hold up or not. It turned out pretty good.

Almost a nutty flavor added to olives compared to non-smoked cousins. Mellowed out olives too

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Little late to the party, did you get any after shots? good Idea will have to try that them slice em up and put in a salad or casserole


Good job



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actually those are the after shots.  the original were more bright green

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Smoked olives are great, especially the garlic and jalapeño stuffed ones!

Blue cheese is one of the cheeses that holds up to heat better than most.
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I'll have to try the garlic stuffed next time. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the blue cheese handled the heat. Very little melt off. Lots of goodness,
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Dirty Martini anyone? 

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