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Beef Jerky - first attempt, 2 flavors

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New pellet smoker for Father's Day and so far I've cold smoked cheese, smoked blue cheese stuffed olives, ribs, salmon, trout, steak, pork loin and Texas Twinkies (aka ABT).

What's next? Beef Jerky!

One with more of a Tex//Mex flair with chipotle, lime juice and cumin. The other with an Asian influence of salty, spicy, sweet

marinating overnight

1st batch on smoke and finished

2nd batch on smoker - finished pics to come

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Seems like you have a success story with the jerky.  The Tex-Mex sounds good.


So.............tell me more about those smoked blue cheese stuffed olives



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I got the idea from Mark at Cookin Pellets. He does just the large green ones. But I like blue cheese stuffed olives in my Titos, so decided to give it a try.

Used large stuffed olives - the hand stuffed kind, not from a jar. Dry off the outside and then smoked for 30 min at the lowest temp possible - which for me was 160.

Wasn't sure whether the blue cheese would hold up or not but to my enjoyment it did. At first the difference in taste didn't seem significant but when I compare it to an non-smoke stuffed olive - wow. The smoke mellowed out the edginess of the olives and added kind of a nuttiness to the flavor.

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MB, looks good  !!!!!!:points:

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mb.  Thanks for the info on the blue cheese stuffed olives.  I just happen to have a wedge of blue cheese in the fridge, so.....................



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Jerky looks good!

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