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What better way to spend a Saturday? Aside from offshore fishing. Left to right is 2 racks of pork spares, 1 rack dino beef ribs and 2 racks of beef short ribs. Plus the rib trimmings that'll go into some beans.

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It's Rib-Fest in Sierra Vista!! :drool



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Wish I was a taste tester at the party!drool.gif:
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Not a bad smoke ring.

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Looks good,did the beans make it in the smoker?
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Didn't put the beans in the smoker, just added the trimmings and simmered.
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Nice color on those ribs :drool

Too bad the beans couldn't get some smoke, but it looks like you had a packed house there

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Man, a complete smoker full of ribs.  Sounds great.



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