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Done it

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Well my young un's got one so I had to have one got my self a Webber. trouble is I over did it 2 racks of ribs 6abt's,12,3 bone wings, 1 chicken shishkebab & 3 minted lamb kebabs. forgot to take photos of end results too exited. Over the moon with the results.thanks for all the tips the other weekend guys
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Nice one old man ;) how'd you find the temprature control? Did you 3-2-1 the ribs?
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Temp control superb started too late for 3,2,1 went 2,2,1 instead turned out ok could only get meaty ribs tho Abt were epic tho
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Looking good
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Nice one Stevo!!!

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Brilliant stuff.

I was looking at Webers yesterday. This bloody Qing is a money pit. devil.gif
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Originally Posted by Steve Johnson View Post

Abt were epic tho

You'll have to try ABT's with them Nagas from the greenhouse next ;)
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my nagga plant is looking sickhead-wall.gif

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