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Party food

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I was tasked by my wife to smoke up 15 lbs of shoulders and 14 lbs of thighs to make pulled pork and pulled chicken for our daughters birthday nacho bar. So here is the first qview. All the love together in the smoker. Will post finished tomorrow chicken is pulled and sleeping in fridge shoulders are at 189 and slow cooking.
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That's looking REAL good. Can't wait to see the finished product tomorrow. It seems you forgot to post your address, and what time dinner will be served ;-)
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Realized today I forgot pictures of the pulled product. That day was way to hectic. I will tell you this though it was a huge hit. My pork has been missing something lately and I can't figure it out. Really starting to get to me. The chicken was a success for my first time
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Here is the pork pre rest
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Good looking pork!
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Thanks b
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