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Fish 'n Chips

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Sliced a few potatoes and made some Tatonka Dust seasoned potato chips with a Pampered Chef Microwave Potato Chip Maker.

Then took some walleye fillets and lightly tossed them in corn starch and then dipped them in a Buffalo Wing beer batter.

Walleye fillet on a meat hook being dipped in the beer batter.

Frying up in oil in a cast iron pan on the grill.

First batch hot off the grill...

Fish 'n chips served with a tartar dipping sauce and a cold one.

The walleye and potato chips were excellent!

Thanks for looking!
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Mo that looks fantastic,love seeing the CI being used like that.




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Looks great! Walleye looks perfectly cooked and flaky. How did the sauce come out?

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Wow I am not sure how I missed this one. Looks great Marty
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Looks good Mo..... Walleye is my #2 fish to eat..... Lucky you.....
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