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Test 3 turned out to be a bit of a failure. It never really started smoking. Either the wood chips were too damp or it wasn't getting enough air. They started smoking as soon as I tipped them out.


For test 4, I dried some chips out in the oven and added a few more air holes to the cannister.


Test 4 seems to be going a lot better so far. Producing a light but steady steam of smoke at the moment. Decided to take advantage and try to smoke some cheddar. I did try to take a photo but the smoke wasn't really showing being very light.





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The first test using it with the lid on with a couple of holes drilled in it wasn't very successful. It smoked for a while and then stopped because the lid didn't let any of the steam generated escape so the chips became very damp.


Hi Piers - It is good to hear that your soldering iron smoke generator is starting to work Thumbs Up


If the chips are damp then you can remove a lot of the water in the microwave. In this thread I show how I do this using pellets in an ANMPS but it would be exactly the same for chips


It will also give you an idea of the kind of smoke that it produces.



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I am surprised that the AMNTS does not use dust, as both the pro Q and my own version of the AMNTS works fine using dust.  That could be worth an experiment Wade,  If you don't have any dust let me know and I will send you a bag.  I have never tried using chips on mine so I will try that out, and let you know.

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The holes are too big on the AMNTS for dust

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the holes are about the same size as my smoker, you lose a bit of dust filling but nothing excessive.  I carried out my experiment with chips and it failed, the chips kept going out. 

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I find the "Tube" better with pellets

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