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KA is short for Kitchen Aid mixer. The larger home KA 6qt does 5lbs with ease, yeah kinda on the $$ side but worth it




Didnt mean to come off grouchy.

No offense taken...:77:...You would be my go to for best equipment...JJ

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So if the dough hook works in the KA, why not rig one up to attach to a drill? Wouldn't be that hard to do. Length of rod either welded to the hook, or drill and tap a hole for a set screw.
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I bought the Cabelas 33 lb/ 7 gal. meat mixer last year.  $299 right now an free shipping.  It goes on sale every once and a while,  think I paid $199.  We use it to mix 30lb batches of sausage and 33b batches of smoked fish dip.  It has been in constant use (everyday in a seafood market) since I bought it and I have had zero problems.  Hooks up to my 1 1/2 grinder, has adjustable feet,  clear lexan top so you can see whats happening inside, hand crank if you want to manually crank, it tilts nicely to unload and blades are easily removed for cleaning.  The mixing tank is stainless and detaches from the frame for cleaning or for cold storage to let the mix bloom.  


As you may have figured out, I really love this thing.  the only thing that could make it better is a foot switch for the grinder which we already had.  We put the foot switch in a zip lock and use it right on the stainless prep table.  Hope this helps.  If your doing large batches this one is really nice.    Ed

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thanks a bunch for the good information, that helps me a lot , . I will be buying something before we make the next batch


thanks again

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I make small batches of 5 LB when there were only two in my household.


I have used the KA.


For small batches I do better with hand mixing, pain that it can be.


Good luck and good smoking.

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