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Choices for making jerky?

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I've been using brisket but with the prices skyrocketing on it "she who must be obeyed" said enough of that!
Now, I can pick good steaks, I can find choice hamburger and I can cook it all, but when I get to the beef section and look for something for jerky, I'm like a deer in the headlights! Totally lost!
I've read London broil, but none around here! So what cuts should I be looking for? What works and what doesn't for jerky? My son and I eat the stuff like candy so I'd like to do a large batch, 8lbs or so, once or twice a month so any guidance and suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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I have started making whole meat beef jerky from Eye of Round Steak and so far very pleased with the results. Also slicing it cross grain for a more tender chew.


Last 5 pound whole eye of round was $3.99 from a small meat shop in my area.



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I agree eye of round is a good call. That's what I've been using lately too.
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Get a hold of some venison if ya can, it makes outstanding Jerky...
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SIRN, I buy whatever steak is on sale and it always makes good jerky!

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