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What to do with some bottom round steaks

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Howdy y'all, hope all are doing well. My wife picked up some bottom round steaks that are about an inch, inch and a half thick.
I'm not sure how to go about fixing them. I've read that the bottom round is a tough piece of meat. I've been pondering setting up my kettle to smoke and smoke them for a few hours.
I'm just curious to hear y'alls input.
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i would marinate it first(something as simple as italian dressing)would work,or there is probably some recipes on here.round is a lean cut that could be tough and could make some jerky with it. good luck

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I cooked it in a pressure cooker. Throw some taters and carrots in the bottom with about three quarters of a cup of water. Meet next, and sprinkle a packet of dry onion soup mix on top. Rattle it for about 45 to 50 minutes
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Moma cooks it in the pressure cooker like mentioned above but uses a gravy mix and served over rice or pasta depending on how thick the gravy is.

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Makes some nice jerky.

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Thanks y'all. I am going with the marinate and grill.
Can you make jerky using a smoker/grill?
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Hey y'all, so I went the direction of the London Broil. I salted both sides and put them inside a zip lock over night (didn't have plastic wrap).
When I got home from church, I got the grill ready, built a two zone fire. Once the fire was ready I threw 4 patatoes covered in foil.
After grilling those for an hour. I took them off. Before putting the steaks on I put cooking oil on both sides. Just before they went on I lightly peppered both sides, and then put them on direct heat.
I cooked them over the heat for about 8 minutes, flipping them ever so often.
Once both sides are done I set them over the cooler side. Left then on for 5 minutes.
Well I think they turned out great.
Maybe a little more time marinating to make them a lil more tender. But either way, I'd do it again for sure.

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