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Thank you Mummel. And here is yesterday's spatchcocked grilled chicken with black sea salt, avocado oil, Turkish "Marash" paprika, and fresh black figs. Zucchini noodles accompanied too.

And then today's grilled chicken thighs in herbs de Provence and with zuke noodles and a tri colored freshly ground pepper & gray sea salt with herbs de Provence in it, and avocado oil and balsamic vinegar.

And regardless of what anyone thinks, I am a Bell & Evans fan! Hence the whole bird & also the thighs, were theirs. I love their organic version and also their non organic version. I really do! Amazing!

Happy new week to all! Also, off to create the perfect, healthy, fiber-esque "breakfast bar or ball or cookie!l" Stay tuned!

Cheers and warm wishes, Leah

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Awesome spread as usual Leah. Way to go.


By the way, where did you get that cool mermaid weather vane? My wife and daughter would LOVE it!

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Thank you so much Humdinger!

And a friend got & built that ensemble many years ago.

And here is a simple Noewegian salmon plate from this week!

Cheers to all! And make today delicious! - Leah

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