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Originally Posted by cal1956 View Post

i use this , its easier to light , and a lot less mess


I like this it is great.For lighting the side burner and starting my TJ Charcoal.


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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

How much flavor does that give you?

Ethyl mercaptain is some pretty potent stuff, so I am guessing a lot. Probably not the mesquite or hickory you're looking for though.
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We don't have a Trader Joe's



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Wish we had a Trader Joes !
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We buy some food there. They have a lot of stuff for food allergy people.
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That's great, maybe some day we will get one & a Yuengling distributor too ! biggrin.gif
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We have a trader joe's here...... will have to take a look.

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Tuesday I did a mix of Royal Oak and TJs took some pics yesterday.Doing 2 small ribs today using 100% TJs


Will see what todays looks like later


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A month ago we got Free TJ charcoal. Somebody had goofed on the labeling, the weight was wrong or something. They couldn't sell it, so instead of sending it back, they just gave it away.

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Yesterdays smoke Ribs


20 bricketes in the chimney 

What was left after a 6 hrs cooking

Ash that was in the bottom

Does look like it burns cleaner


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