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Casing Size Question: Dry Cured Salami and Pepperoni

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HI. Have a question maybe someone could answer for me.


I have about 20 pounds of venison from last season. I want to make some dry cured salami and pepperoni.


Have done this before, but only with hog casings.


Plan on using seasonings I got  from Sausage Maker and #2 cure.


I also have some large diameter protein lined casings I want to use.


Recipe on seasoning container says use 35-38 mm hog casings, and plan on approx. 3 weeks at 40-50F and 70-80% humidity before sausage is cured.


What recommended modifications should I consider when using the 3" protein lined casings?



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Without trying to be Capt Obvious....I think you can expect it to take a while to how long? No way of knowing. Be sure to weigh each of them as you hang them and go by the 30% weight loss rule. FWIW..i find hard salami is better @ 40% loss. After the intial humidity spike..I would try and run the humidity on the higher side to slow the rate of moisture loss and start bring it down after a few weeks. FYI..the last salami I did in a Beef Bung(close enough to 3") by memory took 8-9 weeks.

Good luck and be sure to share.

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I agree with Dingo, about the only difference is it will take longer and keeping the humidity on the high side to avoid case hardening. Ya might also want to stuff a little in a hog casing, that way you could try you product before the large ones are ready.
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Thanks Dingo007, DanMcG


Didn't think too much difference except for duration of the hanging, but wanted to double check.


Never had a problem with case hardening of hog casings, do I need to treat the large casings any differently(spray mist with water) to keep from hardening?

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just keep the humidity a little higher and give the chamber some air, open the door daily is good. A fan could be to much causing the casing to dry out
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