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First Pork Butt

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Been smoking and lurking on here about a year now. Only been doin short things (meatloaf, brats, chicken, ect.) do to time restraints. Finally have the time and confidence to do a butt. :biggrin: Smoking a 7.5lb bone-in on an Oklahoma Joe offset. Put in on a few min past 6am at 225. Thinking it'll be 10-12hrs, cooking by my temp probe though, so I should be ok for dinner time. Not planning to foil. One question I have is my internal temp is at 120 after only 2.5hrs. That seems fast? Will the 170 stall even it out? Maybe my probe is to close to the bone? I'll keep updating as the day goes. Thanks


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Depends, some are faster then others.  I would definitely check the probe.  Also, you can try to move the butt close to the stack if it's on the firebox side.  The stall can last for a while. Mine usually hits close to 150 like clockwork and hangs around for a while if it's not wrapped. As long as your temps are stable, I wouldn't worry about the speed.  It gets done when it gets done. cooking at 225 is low enough to handle the stall to keep it from drying out too much. I would suggest spritzing it with some apple juice every half hour/45 mins to help if you're not wrapping.

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3.5hrs now. Been holding the smoker 220-230. Moved my probe and snapped a pick. Moving the probe took me down about 5 degrees to 143.

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Looking good from here. Butts are very forgiving and are a great learning cut of meat .

You'll hit a stall in a bit , just wait it out .

Go to 195* to 200* and you'll be home free , just rest and pull.biggrin.gif

Have fun and . . .
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Its done. Hit 200 at 5pm. Took 11hrs to get there. Kept the smoke on for prolly 6hrs. I didn't get the stall in a way that everyone was talking bout. But did come to a crawl at 170 and got even slower towards the end. My bone wasn't falling out like has been mentioned but double checked temp in a couple spots and def had the probe in butter feel. It's resting right now in the cooler and gonna pull it at 6 and add finishing sauce. I can't wait to eat it. Thanks for all the help.

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Nice! Looks good man.
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Looks tasty!
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Oh that looks good!!! How did it come out?

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Yep looks good. I did my 1st yesterday and the bone didn't come out either. What type of wood were you using for the smoke?

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I used a combination of hickory and cherry. Smoked for about 3 hours, then wrapped in foil and in oven (225F) for 6 hours, applying a vinegar based mop every hour. Kept checking the bone, no temps taken. When the bone was real loose, I removed the butt and let sit for about 1 hour. The bone just easily slipped out. Skimed the pan juices and added to the pulled pork, a little more of the mop, a splash of bbq sauce and man oh man!!!! Hog heaven!!!

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