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BBQ Champ - Page 4

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Originally Posted by kiska95 View Post

Don't you dare leave me out!!!!!
Your In, first come first serve 👍

Have you seen my posts on BBBQS?
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Three positions left, already in are Brian, Bob, Paul and myself.
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Originally Posted by Smokin Monkey View Post

Yes they vet your post to begin with. Then send an email saying yes or no!!!!!

Vetted and accepted.
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Oh I thought it was BBQ Chump!


Mind you it could have been a show that Mr Monkey would have liked.... BBQ Chimp! They might have even been better"! Well they can make tea:yahoo:

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At last got chance of posting picture from 2015 Smokers Weekend!

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I am also monitoring their Facebook account to see if they are removing threads that promote other websites or forums.

We can also do the same on their Twitter account if you want. If you don't have a Twitter account I can post the recipe for you as BBQ Champ is following me on Twitter.
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Don't forget me please
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Originally Posted by smokewood View Post

Don't forget me please

Who are you?
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Originally Posted by smokewood View Post

Don't forget me please

Your In 👍

Two positions left !
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Originally Posted by Smokin Monkey View Post

Your In 👍

Two positions left !

Three positions.

Drop me out please Steve, I feel I can't take part at the moment. jk.gif
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So it's back up to three places now😕
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I general don't watch tv but having been told about the show thought I'd watch it. I wasn't impressed my misses said she wouldn't watch it again (use to watching BBQPitBoys & DJ BBQ). There is possibly one plus though, that it will show the general public that you can cook other things other than burgers and chicken drumsticks on a BBQ

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I think it improved this week and shows a lot more promise. Yes there were mistakes but some of them actually showed skills. Fish is not the most forgiving thing to cook on the BBQ and the fruit Kebab looked really good.


I was wondering why they were not using temperature probes last week but I guess that they were only allowed to use what was provided. You would expect that it would include a Thermapen at least though.


Let us hope it continues to improve next week.

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Hi Wade, if you thought that was difficult you should try and find some good Kebab Post on the forum!
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I am not sure that the right one went out though ! but yes, it was a close call. I was half expecting both of them to go.

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Well people another episode over, not much instruction, but some cracking recipes.  Smokin Monkey and myself managed to post a couple of recipes as discussed, but it was hard finding kebab recipes.  The format that we used on Facebook looks good but for next week we need to be a bit more organised. 

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Trying to cook a Spatchcock Chicken in that time, and not getting the Bread out? But let's all be fair 90 minutes, that's includes getting the BBQ lit, that's tough!
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It can be done but she got it on way too late. I am stunned that they don't seem to be able to use thermometers.

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The best think about it, they are not giving out food safety warnings, they are cutting open raw chicken with a knife and fork, showing the camera, then eating other parts of the chicken with the same utensil????
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