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Must admit I enjoyed the last episode - the rolled meats were quite something and in the the timescale given looked preeety good - also the real mix of food they had to do was quite a challenge - who's applying for next year :)

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Oh I've been set a challenge to apply by Tiny from BBBQS
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Originally Posted by kiska95 View Post

Oh I've been set a challenge to apply by Tiny from BBBQS

I saw that last night lol.

Having been away for the weekend, I finally caught up on the final last night.

Whilst impressed with some of the stuff cooked, I still found the programme very poor overall.

I've also noticed that after week two that no viewing figures have been published.
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We will all be behind you if you go for it!
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Can't see them doing another series and I reckon the standard of the show has probably put the mockers on any of the other channels doing a bbq programme.
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I agree with you on that ūüĎć
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Hello.  As I said from the beginning; I think some of it was a set up to fail.  They also billed it as the best Backyard BBQ'ers in the country.  So when the average person wanting to learn saw these folks fail and serve uncooked chicken; their first thought was "if the best in the country can't do it, what chance do I have?"  They also wanted GREAT BBQ skills to cook some of the stuff on the BBQ AND GREAT Chef presentation skills.  THAT is tuff!  Let's face it; some of the things they were asked to produce takes a LOT of experience; not to mention the Chef skills.  And they were on a time limit.


I still say what was needed was a "how to" program.  Start with building a fire.  Each week add a new "skill" and do a "detailed demonstration" so as to make it as easy and less mysterious as possible.


I now think the contestants got an unfair deal.  I also think the whole program hurt British BBQ.  Rather than try for themselves the British public  will just continue to turn up at restaurants and eat bad BBQ!  Just my opinion.


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I have heard through the grapevine that another BBQ program is probably on the cards for next year. And this one is not with ITV.

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