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First brisket...

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Actually the second, first one got ground up, sure does make some great burgers. Anyhow....
First question...can we just freeze it like it is?

Was going to smoke it today but thanks to some stuff happening I have not had a chance to ask "how do I deal with it".
So can it be frozen?

So how do I trim it? Any advantage to seperating the point from the flat? If left hole what kind of time frame am I looking at? Please don't tell me not to go by time, that you go by probe tender, just wondering if I need to start it prior to going to bed for the next days dinner or of it can be started in the morning.
Keep seeing burnt ends mentioned, wold like to figure this into the whole mess.
So before I get way off base here please school me....Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer
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Wrap? Butcher paper? Foil?
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Several questions in there, will try to help.  Cooking time, roughly an hour a pound, I cook on the hot side so run under an hour/lb, but some times can take up to  1 1/2 hr/lb.  The whole wrap while cooking question has lots of disagreement to it.  Search Youtube for Franklin bbq wrap test, he cooks 3 briskets, 1 plain, 1 in butcher paper, 1 in foil.  Results are different but all have their advantages.  One of the most important steps is after you've taken if off the smoker, wrap it in foil if it isn't already  and put in a cooler for a couple of hours.  This last step really helps make it tender.

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Yes, you can freeze the Brisket However. If you plan to smoke it within 4-5days. , it will be OK ..

The point is the humped part ( more fat can be seen ) , and it is usually cut offafter it's done ,however , if you want to cut it off before cooking ,just follow the fat layer and remove , to

Use later . they wil cookl faster seperated

Time to expect , no time to plan for ,yes ,, and have a good therm. and keep track of your temp. both in the cooker and the ITof the meat. You want to remove it at 195* to200+*.

I cook at 225*average and always have an excellent piece of Cow !

Havre fun and . . .
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How about turboing a brisket? Have read to only slice what you need. When vacuum sealing the leftovers guessing that you should leave it in meal sized chunks?
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After smoking I usually leave the brisket whole when storing and cut off what I need and reheat that, but don't see why you couldn't just cut that into meal sized pieces and store separately.  The main problem with reheating is it tends to dry out unless you add some moisture to it and it is never as good as the day you smoke it.

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On at 9:40 last night, 6:30 was at 187* much for the 1.5 hours a pound....after trimming it was 14 much for brisket for dinner...
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So you smoked it 9 hrs and got it to 187, it will take a few more hours if you cook till 200.  Then you can easily rest it 2 to 4 hours, longer if you wrap it in a couple layers of foil, then wrap in a beach towel or blanket and put in a good ice chest.

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Was at 200* a few minutes before 8. Was probe tender... Wife wrapped it in 2 layers of butchers paper and stuffed the cooler full of towels...

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take some pics tonight and let us know how it turned out.

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That was a huge failure. Dry as a bone...except where the point met the flat but with all that fat in it. No slicing pictures, just one pre-slice.
I know, not much help....but I am VERY disappointed. Need to get back out to the garage, will post how it was done later on....
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Sorry to hear it didn't come out like you want.  Hopefully you can at least make chopped sandwiches from it with sauce. 

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Ernie shredded it. Getting used in omelets for breakfast. Not going to give up.
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