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3 Sweet Butts

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Does Three butts tomorrow thanks to a local hook up who wants one for him self.   I think I have my recipe down to a science.  There will be lost of pics to come .

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cant wait to see it
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So here is the update from start to finish.









Total Cook time 7.5 hours I did them two different ways.   The first was my original where I cook in a pan and flip rotate using the juices and apple juice as my baste to build a crust,  the second the one at top I did like most do flip rotating and spraying, 


Both were wrapped at 165 and allowed to climb to 195 pulled to allot to rest for an hour IT ended at 203 I used my standard rup but threw in a twist using Mcormicks Bacon Molasses can say the bark was fantastic.


To finish I shredded and then finished with a light sprinkle of rub then tossed with the internal juices and all that goodness.


Your welcomee

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Looks as if you did a great job .drool.gif

Nice color and the Pull looks delicious.

Have fun and . . .
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Thanks everyone loved it .  So I guess was a success

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