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That's alot of Rub

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Ok I know I should be using Jeff's rub, but haven't made any yet.  A friend of mine gave me some Simply Marvelous Spicy Apple rub from Big Poppas Smokers and rub, and it was great, loved it.  So I ordered some from their site a five pound bag of it.  Let me tell you I really didn't understand how much five pounds of rub really is...omg...I'll be using this rub for the next few a notice to other newbies, don't get five pounds of anything, that's alot of rub.

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It's not a lot of rub if your smoking enough! Share some with your friends.
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Just thought I'd mention that I have a rub disposal service. It's free of charge to members of this site. We could probably handle as many as 4 pounds for you. Just send it to us, freight paid and we will take care of your problem. Good luck, Joe.
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If you have a vacuum sealer i would Break the 5 lbs down into  8 oz packages . vacuum seal and store in a dark place.

 Unless you are doing a BIG cook once a month you will not use that much rub before it starts loosing flavor..

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Vacuum seal it lukeman said, but keep it in the freezer. I made a double batch of Jeff's rub once, and because I got into a pattern of rain every weekend for a few months, I wasn't able to smoke anything for a while. It kept pretty well in the freezer.
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Sorry. That should be eman. Stupid auto correct.
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Things get a bit different when ordering on line , a hands on visual is the best.,

Why. Not the rub from Jeff ?

Have fun and . . .
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I would really encourage you to make Jeff's rub it is really good !!!

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