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Friday meatloaf

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Inspired by another thread by Reinhard , decided to make meatloaf today.
Had some bratwurst

And some hamburger:

Added some spices:

And a couple other things:

And because we were out of eggs:

Then I mixed it all up

And made a bacon weave:

Then put some parchment paper over the top and rolled it out:

Then rolled it up:

Then put it in at 325°

Sliced and served with gravy, garlic mashed and salad.

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Wow MD.  That looks really good--I love meat loaf and haven't had it for years.  Thanks for reminding me.



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MD that looks fantastic.




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That looks real tasty man, nice job ! icon14.gif
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Thanks guys! It was kind of a last minute thing. Didn't want to go to the store so used what what was here. The matzoh meal and mayonnaise made a pretty decent substitute for breadcrumbs and eggs. And the bacon weave, well, it's bacon so it's awesome. 😀
Wanted to smoke it but didn't want to be outside for a couple hours, so it went in the oven. Apartment living sucks.
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Looks really great. Meat loaf is one of our favorites. I'm surprized it came out so good considering that funny looking thing that replaced your hands for mixing it up. Someday, I'm going to try a bacon weave, just need to slow down and try something different. Yours looked, especially on the diagonal. Thumbs UpThumbs Up
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Haha yeah that funny looking thing does a pretty decent job of mixing up meat loaves and sausage mixtures. Being old and lazy, I started using it a couple years ago. It actually is less likely to over mix since it doesn't "squeeze" the mixture like I sometimes do when mixing by hand.
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As for the diagonal bacon weave, I got the idea from Cowgirl who used to post here quite a bit. Her fatties were a thing of beauty.
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Really looks great!!!!  Love that weave as well.  Sometimes you got to use what you have on hand and you made great choices.  :points:Reinhard.

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I'm old and lazy too. In fact I'm so old, I don't even know how to use a mixer. I'm also too lazy to get it out if I did know how to use it. My mav 732 has not been transmitting this year and I haven't even gotten the instructions out to see why. I got a new stick burner in the spring, so I just play with it and look at the mav monitor. Right now I could care less that the remote isn't working. I am a professional at "old and lazy". I'm thinking about taking a butt to around 250* and see if it will fall apart. I can save the labor of pulling it. LOL. Your loaf still looks great. Keep it up, Joe
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I'm thinking for the next one I might use Italian sausage instead of bratwurst. The bratwurst was good, just wanna try something different. And I think I'll get a chuck roast and grind it myself. The hamburger was the kind that comes in the 3lb chub. Wife got it on sale for $5 at the Safeway. Its relatively awful. The consistency is like mush with chunks of gristle.
Just finished up the meatloaf last night and am totally looking forward to the next one!
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