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New Member Here....

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Hey everybody...found this site the other day and after lurking for a while I decided to join in.....Here are some pics of my hobbies.....


My Klobase Smokehouse


Deer Lease Pit



Puffer Pete


Good ol Kosher salt and Pepper rub


Gotta love some pork



Czech Wet Style Que



Old Faithful




Enjoy!!! Hope to learn a few new things and maybe add a few new ideas!!

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Hi Czech, looks like some serious smokers and brisket.  Are you anywhere near West?  I stop by there for kolaches every time I can.

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Welcome, I am not sure you have enough Pits to hang with the Cool people here. :icon_eek:  Naaa just kidding, some serious nice equipment and looking forward to some of your experience...JJ

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Nice , Chech ,and welcome , Hope you have a great time ,😁
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