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Smoke Hollow 30162E help

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Just purchased SHElectric for $99. I thought it was a good deal. I have a couple of questions since this is my first adventure with an electric.

1. Should I seal the bottom edges where the bottom and sides meet? It looks like there is a channel where grease might collect.

2. Is there a way to improve the slant on the bottom to get it to drain into the hole for the drippings?

3. Probably my most important...
Where do I put the Amaze-N tube smoke generator and do I need to add additional venting to keep it burning?
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I wish I could help but don't know enough about the smoker. You might start with lining the  interior bottom with foil and running up the sides and back about an inch to help with cleanup. Be sure to punch a hole in the foil for the drain.   On the smoke generator, experiment.

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Thanks Sarge. Just thought I'd see what others had to say before I go ahead and season it up.
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You are welcome. You might search for your smoker using the search bar at the top of the page. Hopefully you can get someone information.
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