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New MES 40 Gen 1 dead!

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I just tried seasoning my newly delivered Gen 1 today.  I plugged it into the outlet and powered on.  Within just a couple of minutes of setting the smoker to heat to 275 the controller went dead.  I guess it tripped the GFCI.  I plugged directly into the outlet without an ext. cord. 


My previous Gen 2 smoker never tripped the GFCI.  Is there something wrong with this unit?


I've tried plugging it into a second outlet and it lasted a little longer this time but shut off again.  Time to call Amazon for a return? 

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You tried it on another GFCI outlet? GFCI outlets can go bad but if it is tripping multiple GFCIs then it probably has a short or a bad ground. If it is new I would definitely return it. 

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I had the same problem with gen 1. I went through two gen 1s and both would trip gfci. I just got a replacement gen 2 and so far it hasn't shut off or tripped the gfci
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Electronics...great when they work but....

Call Masterbuilt. My Gen 1 came with a busted rack holder. They had no issue sending a replacement. Have seen several folks mention a problem similar to yours, from what I remember Masterbuilt took care of all of them...

Hope you get your problem solved...
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I agree I would call them. I am on my third unit with he two replacements being free of charge
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If you do call them, and they are going to just send replacement parts, make sure that you get them to give you a specific list of what you are,going to get. When I called about the broken rack the CSR that helped me,told me I would be getting a pair of brackets. Invoice in box said there was 2 brackets yet they only shipped one...
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