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Hello from Thousand Oaks, CA

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Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself. My current stable of grills is a Weber Summit gas grill, Pitmaker Safe, Yoder YS640 Pellet grill, and a NorCal Ovenworks charcoal grill with adjustable Argentine grate. While it's nice having so many grills I find myself going to my Yoder often because of the set it and forget it ease of use. If I smoke first and sear at the end of a cook I fire up the Weber for a quick sear. I think I'll just have to invite more friends over so I can break out the other grills. The Pitmaker Safe and Norcalovenworks grill are somewhat new so I hope to use those more in the near future.

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Hello and welcome to the forum lots of great people with lots of great knowledge... And that's a mighty fine arsenal you have there... be sure to post some Qview of what you smoke and grill we all enjoy seeing good Q

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Welcome Craig!!  :welcome1:


I saw you asked me to move this thread to Roll Call. I can't do that, but I'm sure one of the Mods can.




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You're in "Roll Call" now Craig.



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Welcome! I've been working just down the freeway from you - and living in an RV for the past year, in Van Nuys. 

You'll find lots of great people here, and tons of awesome recipes to keep that smoke going...

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