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I just did a whole chicken......removed backbone and put it in a brine for 24 hours. Then rubbed it, on the grill/smoker for about 3 hours. The brine added increadible flavor in the meat, very moist and juicy. Now brining, for me, is the only way to go!! And yes, keep trying different things, the family never complains.......with their mouth's full!!! lol

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I love brining Chicken , I use a garlic herb brine, I leave my chickens whole and use a beer can stand . No beer I save that for myself !!!

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I have done a number of whole chickens. I always brine and rub them. I've stuffed them with apples and lemons producing interesting flavor plus some nice smoked fruit.

One tip I picked up from this forum... Low and slow may not be the way to go with birds. Low until 140 or so to get a nice ring then higher heat to finish is fine with poultry.

I am a relative noob but have always had great results with chicken. I believe they are pretty forgiving.

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