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How to keep brisket after cooking

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I'm smoking quite a few briskets for a wedding. Can't do all the same day so will smoke a few couple days in advance. What is the best way to keep them. I"m thinking wrapping in foil then in a cooler with some ice for a day then in freezer or should I leave them in the cooler. I don't want to cut them up early fearing they will dry out to much. These will actually be on reserve for the wedding in case I need extra. Thanks
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you could prob slice it and put it in ziploc bags with some of the drippings then freeze it then you could boil it in the bag to reheat should work 

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Brisket dries out quickly once sliced. If it is just a few days I would leave it whole then reheat in the oven if you need them. If you have to hold them for a week or more then cut them into 2 pound pieces, freeze, and reheat in boiling water.

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If you freeze them be sure and allow enough time to thaw completely.  Both methods above probably work, but if you slice you  have to put it in some form of  liquid to keep it from drying out.  I prefer bmaddox method, reheat the whole brisket and then slice as close to serving time as possible. 

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Thanks for the replies this is what I did. I foiled them whole after they were done and put in cooler with ice. Then reheated next evening in roaster with some water in it. When heated up sliced and served. Turned out great.
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Glad to hear it worked out good.

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