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Hi Tom,

I've not cold smoked yet. So, obviously can't offer advice or comment.

The first things I smoked were pulled pork and some chicken. Both turned out well. Although with the experience of the smoking weekend I'd have done things a little differently.

Here's some pictures from my very first cooked food that came off the ProQ on the 7th June. I was panicking like you wouldn't believe as it was only delivered on tge 5th June!


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Cheese is a good place to start. You have to be patient though as it will take at least a couple of weeks to mature.


Cold smoked salmon steaks are also easy and can be done overnight.


Let me know of you want to try any of these.

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I am thinking cheese, garlic and salmon for my first cold smoke.


Really would like to do some beef ribs for the hot smoke, macs bbq look like they have a good and simple recipe. 

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Hi Tom,

Kiska did some humongous beef ribs at the smoking weekend. Hopefully he'll see this and give you some advice.

On a side note, if like me you love books, then this is one I can recommend

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For the cheese and garlic it would be easier if you got yourself a cold smoke generator, though you can do without. The requirement is to produce a good supply of clean smoke without producing significant heat. Some do this using smoldering sawdust in a tray but a more controlled way is to use something like an AMNPS or a ProQ cold smoke generator





I have both and I find the AMNPS much more effective than the ProQ. If you would like to try either one out then let me know (and no, I  don't sell either of them :biggrin:)


Once you have the smoke sorted then it is down to the things you are going to smoke...


Cheese - When you get going try a variety of cheeses, but to begin with simply get some supermarket own mature Cheddar and cut into chinks about 2cm thick. Spread these out in the smoker and leave to smoke for 2-3 hours. Place in the fridge on a wire rack uncovered for 24 hours before either wrapping in clingfilm, ziploc bags or preferably vacuum pack. Leave for at least 2 weeks for the smoke flavour to mature before tasting.


Salmon (cold smoked) - Tesco's skinless, boneless Salmon steaks (about £1.50 each) are great for this. Make up a dry cure mix of 1:1 coarse sea salt and granulated sugar. Spread a thin layer of the cure mix over the bottom of a plastic (or stainless steel) container and lay the fillets, spread out on the top. Cover the top surfaces with more of the cure mix making sure that you get some on the sides of the fillets as well. Cover and leave to cure in the fridge for two and a half hours. Rinse off all the cure mix under a cold tap and then pat dry using kitchen towel. Place on a rack uncovered in the fridge overnight. Smoke for about 8 hours (overnight is great). These freeze well. When required cook at 180 C for 12 minutes.


Garlic - place the whole bulbs in the smoker on a wire rack. They will take about 6-12 hours to smoke depending on how smoky you like them.


While you have the cold smoker on, why not put in a shallow disk of coarse salt. Smoked salt goes well on many savoury dishes.

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Salt, pepper even olive oil can be cold smoked.

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Great, you guys have been great ! Love the idea of doing the salmon fillets and also cheese/condiments. Smoke garlic is such a beautiful smell, have stood in delis taking in the scent with elephant garlic - always a treat. 


Wade - I have a PRO Q smoker generator so that should be fine to use !! 

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Try Chicken, but season under the skin for 24 hours with S & P it helps get a better skin

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Originally Posted by resurrected View Post

Hi Tom,

Kiska did some humongous beef ribs at the smoking weekend. Hopefully he'll see this and give you some advice.

On a side note, if like me you love books, then this is one I can recommend

Oh dear you have done it now Paul, You will get Danny Started
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Originally Posted by tombirmingham View Post


Wade - I have a PRO Q smoker generator so that should be fine to use !! 


 The ProQ is fine. You may need to extend the smoking times a little with it though

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Me again, sorry to keep asking - I bought a meat probe yesterday but also did not consider a grill thermometer - any recommendations ? I used to use a simple oven thermometer which had a clock dial on it that cost me £5 from a kitchen store, was thinking perhaps that might be an idea and to leave it in there with the meat - the only worry is that the door opening whilst getting the temp might hinder getting a decent steady temp, maybe not though - what are peoples thoughts ?

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Hey do not apologies that's what we are here for. You need a digital device that has the probe on the inside preferably at grill level and reading unit outside. You can get some cheap ones to start off with on Auction Sites. But you get what you pay for.
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Any recommendations at all ?

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Yep ikea digital probe (magnetic) with long lead 7 quid not a maverick but my mate who is a pro swears by them
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Yes noticed a dude on instagram doing the same, will do that too. My meat probe was bought from Amazon and was on special offer http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00YA4VNEO?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00 for those that might be interested. 

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Yes Kiska, that's the one Ewanm had at the Meet?
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If you want a cheap, reliable temp probe I highly reccomend these: http://www.nisbets.co.uk/hygiplas-easytemp-colour-coded-white-thermometer/J242/ProductDetail.raction
You can get them in different colours for different foods and they're very reliable. We use them at work and I've seen them get dropped in deep fat fryers and come out still working!
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I spotted this while checking the other amazon link http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B009ITJT92?psc=1 dont know whether its a good price

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I am not sure, but if you put Maverick ET 732 into Google and see what prices come up, that way you will have something to compare it with.  I have the older version, but is does the same job.

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Yes, that is about the going rate for the 732's

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