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Beef Tenderloin

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Picked up a nice tenderloin, decided to give it a go...


Trimmed (carefully, as there wasn't much fat to begin with)


Did a relatively mild injection of dark beer, beef broth, Worcestershire, pepper, onion & garlic powder then let it rest in beer/beef broth for 3 hrs in the fridge. (Gratuitous shot of the Tri-Tip I did with it). Tenderloin is on the R side.


 Loosely wrapped them in bacon and light sprinkle of basic rub. No salt added. Between broth, Worcestershire, and bacon, I didn't want to over-salt this beautiful piece of meat.

Smoked in cherry AMNPS low and slow; started it smoker temp 180 then slowly bumped it up each hour for first 3 hrs until IT of 110, then bumped up the last hour until it arrived at 120, then reverse seared for final few degrees,(128'ish). Pulled and wrapped in foil w/ some broth and a towel to rest for an hour and......


Pure...Butter!  I've managed a couple of nice Tri-Tips using this recipe/approach but this was definitely the best success I've accomplished so far. 

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Thought at first you'd taken the filet to an internal temp of 190°. I was about to report you to the authorities until I saw the pics.
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:77:...and you'd be completely justified in doing so. :police2:   But no...I was just dyslexic and crossed my #s.  

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D​ang i say :points:to you on this smoke looks awesome... and congrats on making the carousel. 

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:points:that looks awesome! Makes me hungry! 



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Yep, that looks amazing!

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Great looking smoke! My mouths watering!
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That look awesome !  I godda try that



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Looks tasty to me!
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Man , those look good . I commend you , and I give :points:


Being a confirmed Meatatarian and being poor just don't match... I need PROTIEN :deadhorse:


Have fun and . . .

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