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sausage help

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Have a 4' sausage we are wanting to smoke along with brisket and pork shoulder. I've smoked in past, just to 170, and when cools it wrinkles up and skin toughens. What about smoking, cutting into 4" pieces and going into a beer bath. Works with Johnsonvilles. Thanks
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i don't see why it wouldn't work as long as the beer is cold,i think it might be a waste of beer though,i would just use the cold water and use the beer to cool my insides down,not sure if keeps my intestines from wrinkling though. good luck,let us know how it works

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Take it to 170, dunk it in a sink full of cold water, pop the beer top and drink while the sausage bathes...


Cold water will be fine, and you can leave it whole

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