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Which chips to use?

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I have a Masteebuilt Pro propane smoker. I've been using various wood chips and a friend gave me a bag of hickory wood chips but they are super fine cut, almost like hamster cage bedding. Will this work with a propane smoker? Theres nothing on the bag about gas/propane smokers. I'm soaking the chips/chunks now and just wondering if this finer cut makes any difference compared to the thicker (penny or quarter sized) wood chunks I've been using. Help?
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The only thing I've heard as a difference with the really fine chips is that they burn up much faster.   So you might have to plan to add more often.   But they should be fine.


If they go too fast for you, maybe go half and half with some of your other wood.    Then you get the best of both worlds.   Fast smoke with a slightly longer finish.

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I smoke with fine chips all the time, but I use them as a started for my larger chips. They will start smoking in just a couple of minutes.

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I like a mix of fine and chunk.

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You said you soak your chips and chunks , IMHO , they give off too much thick whitish smoke .


Add a little more from time to time , see if the smoke gets lighter .


Just sayin' . .  .



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