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Wood and equipment storage

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Hey all,

Just got my first smoker that I can use as a wood stick burner. I'm looking for ideas for wood storage. I'm using split logs.
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Just wondering what kind of wood you would be storing. And how much at a time. Keep it off the ground and cover with something like a sheet of tin. I know you don't get to much rain in your area.CF

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Half splits and full logs of hickory, pecan, and apple. Not sure how big the burlap bags are I buy, but they're about waist high and I try to keep 3 on hand at all times. Kind of hoping to build something rustic looking that my wife doesn't hate looking at. Thanks for the reply!
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Now that I see what you are thinking, here is an idea. maybe a structure covered in lattice. Like the ones you can buy in 4' x 8' sheets. This might look nice and let your wood breathe at the same time. I googled wood shed images most are open on the front but could be closed. Just more ideas.

 Reason I asked about the kind of wood, I lived in amargosa valley 26 years and didn't see lots of BBQ wood in the valley or Vegas area. CF

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Good ideas. I work in that valley quite a bit. There's a place in Vegas called Allied Charcoal...they have tons of smoking wood of all types.
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