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Hello.  HEY! Folks cold smoke in a cardboard box with a soldering iron, an empty Baked Beans tin and some sawdust!  About £10 for the soldering iron.  Couple quids worth of dust.  You would have to provide the box and empty tin.  :icon_biggrin:


That Weber will handle anything you want to try ( with some experience and cooking techniques ) until you start your own catering business.  Great smoker/grill.  Keep Smokin!


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I've not tried ground beef jerky. Do u think it's easier to make it taste nice?

I do currently gave a homemade contraption that I cold smoke my jerky in before I put it in the dehydrator. It seems to work ok although it could be improved. I did originally plan to add a few sensors and stuff to monitor it's status and control it all with an ardunio. I may still do it..

I will buy a weber they look good :) thanks to everyone for your help. I'm glad I asked here.

I love to hear if the GMG Daniel Boone improves your jerky kiska95 :)

I'm going to go myself a weber 57 :) can't wait!
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Tastes great to me and its a little easier on the teeth for those not used to traditional jerky


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