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SlickJack, I chose oak for my smoke; but think any type would be great... Next time I do it, going to use cherry.
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Was thinking about this the other day and I took some JD barrel chips and soaked them in some cheap Red wine for 2 days. Then used them for smoking some chicken breasts......omg wow! nice flavor.


Reason I thought about this was I saw some used wine barrel staves on Amazon for smoking but the price was just ridiculous!!!! 


Edit: Posted because of Alcohol + smoking, mad scientist reasoning here. Probably has already been done....

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Originally Posted by eman View Post

When you smoke liquid you need to stir it every 20 - 30 min to break the surface so that it can absorb smoke.

 I smoke water to make ice cubes for bourbon or bloody marys.

  When you smoke the bourbon rebottle it and let it set for a week before tasting. then decide if it's smokey enough.

It mellows and develops flavor as it sits.

well now, that IS quite interesting. ahhh.

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