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As usual I'm late :0-

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I've had trouble with my Computer . Been shutting down and saying the Registry was wrong . Called Microsoft and ranted at them a bit and finally got things set , I hope :frown:.


After finally getting my pics located and uploaded , I saw I was missing my finish shot . Learned to get it off the Wife's Camera  to my FB.


I'm still a bit wobbly (  unlike Weebles , I do fall down) so my trusty Rollator is getting a workout.


Enough chatting , my choice of Meat was a very large and really nice Brisket from Costco . We joined immediately when we used the guest pass. 


While browsing the store , we found we weren't renewing the Sam thing again.


The Weather and Temp. was great for cooking the Beast. ( this was the 3rd of July ) . It took me 45min. to get the (mixed wood ) fire up and to temp.


I took my Brisket , ( in the 'Cryo' wrap )  out to the Q-Bana , opened, washed/dried , seasoned with Kosher Salt and Cracked Black Pepper . I generously coated the top , sides and bottom of it , ( about half and half of each) and placed in a 225*F ,pre-heated Smoker and CLOSED the LID . ( I try to keep my lid shut unless there is a problem , or cooking different Meats with different finish times.).


I got my Coffee , some water and a PB&J and probed the meat after 30min. . I set my Time Trio, on before  the start of the Fire and it as I placed the Bisket in the Smoker ( just to see how long it took for everything ). I used the third time line for timing the refueling ( adding sticks) .


I turned on some good 80's music , nested down in my chair and relaxed until I needed to get up for the Fire or to split some more wood.


I got a few decent shots of the whole thing and am pleased to share my adventure with you . Thanks for taking the time to paruse my post .



  Smoke is right (look close )

  rubbed and in . . .

 the Coffee to wake up


  Water , to keep hydrated

 a shot during cooking  ( I know ,leave the lid shut , but wanted to show off this beauty )


 My average temp.


 and finally , just as I pulled it .


and now my Plated shot ,


 not bad for an Old cripple Man ...

Thank you for visiting , have fun and . . .

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Looks perfect as always Stan!!
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Brisky looks awesome Stan, nice smoke ! icon14.gif
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Thanks , Boatbum and Waterhole. I appreciate that.


Ya'll have fun ,



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Love the color!
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Brisket looks perfect Stan.... one more good job for you....
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Nice smoke Stan!

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Thank you , Case , for the points. They are adding up and soon I'll have enough get the catalog out and start wishing . :ROTF


See ya in the Smoke,



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A simple S&P rub on that Prime is all that was needed.  Real Texas style buddy.  Nicely done b


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Wow PRIME! Nice smoke what are you doing with the leftovers? My iPad is still acting up so hope this works points.gif
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Finished product looks great!  How big was it and how long did it take at 225 degrees?

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Nice Looking Brisket!
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Thanks all . My plan is always ,Patience. Find your time for the standard and watch the temp.


Brisket was 17lb. and took 14hrs.


Color was from having clean smoke for the whole smoke (babysitting , yes , but the end , marvelous... ) .


And as always , Brian.


In my BBQ life , time is a gift, and I use it wisely . Patience is my virtue .


Have fun . . .

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Great looking briskey Stan.

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Glad to see your smoke pics, Stan---not bad for an "old cripple"  LOL.  Beautiful looking brisket.  Great job.



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Looks great Stan
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